28V Electronic Alternator Controller

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Product Description

28V Electronic Alternator Controller

What’s included:

  • Installation Drawing
  • Warranty Card
  • Product Eligibility Catalog (PEC)
  • Troubleshooting Notes
  • Instructions For Continued Airworthiness Maintenance (ICA)

Product Features:

Voltage Regulation, IC sense referenced

The Voltage Regulator keeps the bus voltage constant by increasing the current to the alternator’s field with a system load increase, decreasing it with a load decrease.

Field-to-Ground Fault Protection (GFP)

Should either of the alternator’s field become shorted to ground (the reason most Voltage Regulators fail), the field-to-ground short protector will deactivate the Voltage Regulator, and switch on the unit’s RED field TSL. The defective field may be identified by selectively operating the right or left alternator. The alternator with the faulty field will not come on line, while the good one will allow bus voltage regulation to 27.5V to 28.0V.

Trouble-Shooting Light (TSL)

Alerts the user to the condition of the Alternator / ACU system.

Other Features:

  • Increase Regulator life
  • Not temperature sensitive
  • Protects against grounded alternator field
  • Helps isolate grounded alternator field in twin engines
  • Identifies grounded field
  • Reduce trouble-shooting time

Additional Information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions11 × 8.5 × 5.5 in
Model Number


Voltage Reg. (VR)

27.7V +/- 0.4V

Max Field Current

(IF) 5A

Field-to-Ground Protection

@ IF > 6A

Approval Type

FAA-PMA Approved

Document Approval

Log Book Entry Required

OEM PN(Delco-Remy)

DELCO-REMY: 9000591

OEM PN: (Cessna)

CESSNA: 9000591, 11570010-1



Replaces OEM PN (PIPER)

PIPER: 450-395

Aircraft Common Name


Approved Aircraft

CESSNA: 310N, 310L, 320D, 320E

Beech (Beechcraft)

BEECH: B95A, D95A,95-B55,-C55


PIPER: PA-31,-300,-310,-325

Warranty Policy

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Warranty Policy (New Manufactured) PDF Requires Acrobat Reader

Warranty Policy (Recertified) PDF Requires Acrobat Reader

R251DR - Zeftronics


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Product Connector FAQ PDF Requires Acrobat Reader

General Product

GCU Cross Reference (Coming Soon)

ACU Cross Reference (Coming Soon)

OVR, OVS, Cross Reference (Coming Soon)

How To

How To Read the Cross Reference Chart FAQ (ACU) PDF Requires Acrobat Reader

How To Read the Cross Reference Chart FAQ (GCU) PDF Requires Acrobat Reader