About Us

Tovya Group, Inc. (TGI) is an Aerospace/Defense and General Aviation Manufacturing Company that for over 25 years continuously creates new products and improves upon existing aircraft electrical system designs.

TGI’s goal is to challenge the general aviation standards by revolutionizing the concept of electrical charging systems. Our products are distributed worldwide and used in private to corporate aircraft. As a leader in the industry, TGI continues to expand and provide innovative products, services and support. We are creating a team who understands yesterday, knows today, and defines tomorrow. With its valued name recognition, Zeftronics parts can be an important extension of your company’s parts, avionics or maintenance divisions.

Our commitment to quality, innovative and competitively-priced equipment is unrivaled. We do more than make aviation parts — we deliver solutions!

Most of our products are FAA-PMA approved, with a few still pending approval.

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Toll Free: 1-800-362-8985

Tech Support: 903-758-6661

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