R25400 Connector & Pins: A5FC01


28V Connector Adapter Kit
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Product Description

Connector Adapter Kit

Female Connector Adapter Kit

The A5FC01 is a female (mating) connector used in many 28V electrical charging systems with 24V Alternators. The Alternator Controller Unit (ACU) or Voltage Regulators that mate with this connector are round seven pin plastic socket.

Connector Adapter Kit

What’s included:

  • Connector Adapter Kit
  • CT5C (7 Pin Round, Plastic¬†Female Connector)
  • CF5C (6 Female Socket Pins)

Best Practices, Tips, & Techniques

Poor electrical connections cause most of the electrical charging system problems. As a result, A&Ps, FBOs, mechanics and owners chase this problem creating unnecessary expenditure & frustration.

  • Poor electrical connection problems include but are not limited to flickering panel meters, lights, and fluctuating bus voltages.
  • Always check for and replace open, frayed, or broken wires
  • Clean thoroughly or replace corroded, dirty, or oxidized connections terminals, contact, or poorly soldered wire junction.
  • Check for voltage-drops across the Field, Alternator Switch, Alternator Circuit Breaker, and Alternator Controller Unit (ACU). High voltage-drops mean excessive junction resistance.
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  • Check for an open stator wire or open diode in the Alternator when the Alternator only carries about half its rated output.
  • A Ground shorted Alternator field will damage most Voltage Regulators.
  • Do not connector an ACU, Voltage Regulator to a ground shorted Alternator.

Additional Information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions11 × 8.5 × 5.5 in
Model Number

ACFC00 Adapter Kit

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R25400 Connector & Pins: A5FC01 - Zeftronics


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