Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Orders

Pre-Delivery: 60% down & 50% of down payment is non-refundable. 40% is due at completion. Project starts upon receipt of down payment based on the delivery specified below.

Delivery: After the first article units or first order (if applicable), subsequent orders are delivered within ten business days of the required date. For customer support purposes, we will keep a few units on the shelf (not applicable to FAA-PMA, FAA-STC parts).

Manufacturer Expedite: Expedite of parts are available upon request. Make expedite requests after initial down payment. The manufacturer can grant or deny expedite requests at its discretion. Payment in full is required before the expedited project begins. Expedite fees are non- refundable.

Shipping: Normally FedEx Ground, FOB Longview, Texas. Shipping charges are non-refundable for all purchases. The quantity ordered based on the minimum must ship complete.

Prices: Price excludes all shipping charges. Cost of part delivery excluding shipping. Product support cost not included. Quotes are good for 15 days.

Scheduled Orders: Orders are scheduled based on the total quantity ordered within a 6, or 12-month period.

Warranty: Applies to newly manufactured units. Not application for returns. One calendar year from the first installation date as evidenced by the returned completed warranty registration card or one year from ship date. All units subject to terms and conditions stipulated in the warranty policy. A copy of the warranty policy comes with each product. The customer’s engineering or QA requested specification change post-delivery does not constitute warranty conditions.

Payment: EFT, COD, Prepayment by check, Credit or Debit Card on the first shipment. Net X terms after credit approval for subsequent shipments. Net X accounts that are 15 or more days late revert to COD or EFT/Credit Card terms automatically.

Other Forms, Services, Documentation, & Testing: All products carry a restocking fee. For PMA or STC products: new 8130-3 Tag $105.00 each; reissued 8130-3 Tag $55.00. COC $75.00 each. Certificate of Origin $95.00 each. Wire transfer $30.00 each.

Special testing requirements not included in quote. Additional product support (beyond basic installation), drawings, testing, modification, customer requested additions/changes not included.

Cancellation or Reduced Order: If the customer fails to take delivery of the initial total quantity ordered we will charge a cancellation or reduced order fee on the difference. This fee is the price difference between the accepted and ordered quantity, based on the identified price breaks.

Terms Acceptance: Terms, conditions and warranty policy are enforced and not voided, waived, surrendered, modified or changed by the acceptance of present, future or past Purchase Orders/RFQ. Changes to terms, conditions, or warranty policy must be done in writing and approved by an authorized Company representative. Customer acceptance of these terms and conditions are validated by receipt of payment, website order, request for quote, purchase order or product/service. Any special or conflicting terms, requirements, notes, conditions, or warranties presented by the Customer are conditionally enforced, voided or modified to represent both parties fairly. All terms, conditions, special requirements, warranties that conflict, void, surrender, modify or change the Seller’s terms, notes, conditions or quality requirements must be agreed upon in writing, otherwise, the Customer’s requirements are conditionally enforced, voided or modified to represent the interest of both parties fairly. Customer acceptance of these terms and conditions validated by receipt of payment, request for quote, website order, purchase order or product/service. Acceptance of Buyer’s terms, conditions, quality codes or clauses, herein called “Customer” are conditionally enforced, voided or modified to represent the interest of both parties. Such modifications are available upon request from the Customer. Zeftronics, herein called “Seller’ is not mandated or required to adhere, maintain, support or practice specialized, custom or customer created quality systems. Regarding PMA or STC products, the Seller complies with Federal Aviation Administration Orders specific to the organizational structure, quality system and approvals.

Zeftronics Statement of Privacy

This statement of privacy (this “Statement”) explains our data collection through our website and related services and products (collectively the “Site”) and the use of such data, so please read the entire Statement. Use of the Site indicates a site user’s acceptance of this Statement.

Changes: We may change this Statement from time to time in our sole discretion. Accordingly, we encourage site users to review this Statement periodically. We reserve the right (but are not required) to send a notice via email or any other delivery method of any such change to this Statement.  The most current version of this Statement will be linked on the Site.  If a user continues to use the Site after we change this Statement, then user accepts all such changes.

Collecting Site User Information: We collect information about site users in two ways:  (1) when users give the information to us or when users give us permission to obtain the information and (2) when users access and/or use the Site.  All information that we collect about a user is defined as “Collected Information.”

The following list, which is not meant to be exhaustive, provides examples of when we obtain Collected Information and the type of Collected Information obtained:

(a)        When establishing and maintaining a user account, which may result in our obtaining user name, email address, and other registration and profile information;

(b)      When establishing and maintaining user purchases, which may result in our obtaining user credit card information, billing address, and other financial records;

(c)        When customizing the content users see, access, and/or use as part of the Site, which may result in our obtaining, with user permission, access to user information in or through other third party services;

(d)        When providing user access to, and use of, the Site through a personal computer or other device, which may result in our obtaining the following automatically recorded information (collectively the “Log Data”):  (1) user Internet Protocol address, (2) the address of the web page visited before user came to the Site, (3) user browser type and settings, (4) the date and time of any request user makes to the Site, (5) how user used the Site during user’s visit, (6) user type of personal computer or other device, (7) the operating system and other software on a user’s personal computer or other device, (8) the settings on a user’s personal computer or other device, (9) a user’s geo-coordinates and other location data and geo-targeting data, and (10) other information provided by tracking technologies, such as cookies (as described in more detail below);

(e)        When contacting user regarding the Site, when reviewing or processing a questionnaire user submits for or through the Site, or when reviewing or processing a user request for a product or service offered by or through the Site, which, in any such case, may result in our obtaining information that user discloses or submits; or

(f)         When user participates in any survey, sweepstakes, contest, or promotion by or through the Site, which may result in our obtaining user’s name, profile photo, email address, and other registration and profile information.

All Collected Information falls into one of two categories:  (1) “Identifiable Information” or (2) “Unlimited-Use Information.”  Identifiable Information is limited to information that can be used to specifically identify user as a unique person.  Unlimited-Use Information is all Collected Information other than Identifiable Information.

(a)        Examples of Identifiable Information include the following information: (1) user name, (2) user mailing addresses, (3) user phone numbers, (4) user email addresses, (5) user IP addresses, (6) user billing information, and (7) unique identifiers for a user’s personal computers and other devices.

(b)      Examples of Unlimited-Use Information include the following information:  (1) cookie information, pixel tag information, and other digital behavior about user, (2) the pages user requests or visits, (3) the frequency of user requests or visits, (4) user search terms, (5) user public profile and user public information associated with the Site (whether used on a general portion of the Site or used on a private portion of the Site), (6) user submissions, (7) user geo-coordinates and other location data, (8) user Log Data not included in (1) through (7) above, and (9) all Identifiable Information that has been de-identified (meaning that no single person can be identified by such de-identified information).

Cookies: In order to make certain parts of the Site function correctly, cookies are utilized.  A cookie is a small data file transferred by a website to user computer’s hard drive.  The Site sends cookies when (among other occasions) user visits, makes a purchase, requests or personalizes information, or registers for the Site.  A cookie cannot read personal data off a user’s hard disk or read cookie files created by other websites; the only Identifiable Information a cookie can contain is information a user supplies.  Although user can still browse and search for products on the Site, user must have cookies enabled in order to add items to user’s shopping cart or to create/log into a My Zeftronics account.

Use and Sharing of user Identifiable Information: We may use user Identifiable Information for several purposes, such as:

(a)        To make the Site easier for user to use by not requiring a user to enter user Identifiable Information more than once.

(b)        To help user quickly find services or information on the Site.

(c)        We may use Identifiable Information (including user email addresses, phone numbers, and unique identifiers) to send user updates and promotional/advertising materials, including newsletters, relating to the Site and the products and services of our affiliates or business partners or to otherwise target specific services or offers to user.  If user wants to stop receiving promotional/advertising materials from us, then user should update user’s account settings on the Site.

(d)        We may use Identifiable Information to respond to user questions or comments.

(e)        We may use Identifiable Information to develop, customize, and deliver content on the Site, to make the Site better, to improve the Site’s functionality, to support and maintain the Site, to develop and inform user of new products and updates, and to contact user when user has received an error while using our website so we can help user solve the problem.

(f)         We may use Identifiable Information in combination with Unlimited-Use Information.

(g)        We may use Identifiable Information when we have user consent.

We may share user Identifiable Information for several purposes, such as:

(a)        We may share Identifiable Information with our parents, subsidiaries, and sister companies.

(b)        We may share Identifiable Information with third parties that assist with the Site.  These third parties are not authorized to retain, share, store, or use Identifiable Information for any purposes other than as instructed by us.

(c)        We may share Identifiable Information with credit reporting agencies.

(d)        We may share Identifiable Information if we believe that sharing Identifiable Information is reasonably necessary in order to (1) protect or defend the legal rights, property, safety, or security of us, anyone else, or the public, (2) protect or defend against, or otherwise address, fraud, security, or technical issues, (3) risk management purposes, (4) comply with a law, regulation, legal request, legal process, legal requirement, judicial proceeding, or court order, (5) investigate a possible crime, such as fraud or identity theft, or (6) act in urgent circumstances.  We may also share Identifiable Information in connection with the (actual or potential) sale, purchase, acquisition, merger, reorganization, bankruptcy, liquidation, dissolution, or similar transaction or proceeding of or involving us.

(e)        When required to disclose “point of sale” (“POS”) information to the third party companies for market research and payment of commission to the sales force.  POS information might also be used by us, or third party companies to provide user with important information or to contact user about potential design activity.

We reserve the right to de-identify user Identifiable Information for any and all purposes.

Except as described in, or permitted by, this Statement, we will obtain user permission before we share user Identifiable Information with third parties.

We are permitted to use and share, without restriction or limitation, all Unlimited-Use Information (including Identifiable Information that has been de-identified) in our sole discretion.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing sentence, we reserve the right to use, distribute, edit, display, archive, publish, sublicense, perform, reproduce, make available, transmit, broadcast, sell, repurpose, translate, aggregate, and create derivative works of the Unlimited-Use Information for any and all purposes.  In addition, we may use Unlimited-Use Information (1) to monitor, maintain, and improve the functionality of the Site, (2) to make the Site more responsive to the needs of the visitors and users of the Site, (3) to improve user experience on the Site and with respect to the Site, (4) for historical, statistical, scientific, demographic, geographic, and other purposes, (5) responding to surveys or seeking responses to surveys, and (6) for informing others of the use of the Site.

Site User Disclosures to Third Parties: We are not responsible for any information that users disclose to any third party by or through the Site.

Data Security: We use a variety of security technologies to protect a user’s Identifiable Information, including secure servers, firewalls, and encryption of credit card information.  Unfortunately, there is always a potential risk in sending information through any channel or retaining information on any storage device, and we cannot guarantee that communications between user and us or information stored on our resources, including Identifiable Information, will be free from unauthorized access by third parties.  We  will not be held responsible (1) for any unauthorized access or illegal or unauthorized use of information, including Identifiable Information, or (2) if user information, including Identifiable Information, is accessed through unauthorized or improper use of user account or login information or due to user failure to secure user username, password, or customer ID.

Children’s Information: The Site is not directed to children under 13.  If a user learns that user’s minor child has provided us with Identifiable Information without user’s consent, please contact us.

Consent: User consents to have user’s personal data, including user Identifiable Information, used and stored wherever we do business, including countries outside user’s own.

Questions or Comments: If user has any questions or comments concerning this Statement, contact us at [email protected].